The ability to communicate effectively is a highly valued skill that is often taken for granted in our society, until someone struggles with it. When adequate communication skills do not develop typically in children or are impacted by disease or trauma, an entire family unit can be changed. Because communication requires more than one person, the effects of its breakdown impact every person in the child’s life including peer and adult relationships. The speech/language pathologist is the professional who diagnoses and provides treatment for a wide range of communicative disorders. Here at Centra Pediatric Therapy (CPT) we use a whole-person approach to ensure your child grows at multiple levels and we understand that your family must be involved in the therapy process if maximum progress is to be expected. As each child is different, our speech/language therapy programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual child.

Speech Development

Our therapists help children develop skills to communicate wants and needs with family and peers. We also work on self-regulating emotions by identifying and verbalizing their emotions.

Speech Clarity

Our therapists help your child learn developmentally expected sounds to improve speech clarity.

Social Skills

Social skill group therapy is designed to help children ages 5-16 with making and keeping friends. They also learn to read social cues and respond appropriately to them. We also teach starting and ending conversations, understanding when and when not someone is your friend, and so much more!


We help develop your child's motor system to help with speech production to achieve effortless sequencing of sounds into words!!


Therapy designed to help children in the process of learning speech sounds and learning to read. We evaluate underlying skills required for literacy development and target underlying problems in therapy.

Oral Motor

We do specific exercises with your child improve your child's strength, coordination, and range of motion of their lips, cheeks, tongue and jaw.

Bilingual Development

We help our families understand how bilingual learning unfolds and what expectations should follow. Our therapists help determine if there is a language difference, delay, or disorder!


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