Occupational therapy is the promotion of health by enabling people who may be limited by injuries or impairments to complete meaningful and purposeful occupations. Although many definitions exist, occupation can be defined as the active processes of looking after ourselves as well as others--while being socially and economically productive throughout our lives. Occupational therapists work with individuals, families, and entire communities to promote health through an active involvement in occupation. For a child, these meaningful and purposeful occupations include a myriad of activities including jumping, climbing, drawing, eating, swinging, and running. Occupational therapists play an important role in the development of children by facilitating motor development, coordination skills, and cognitive and social development.


We improve motor development, coordination skills, and cognitive and social development via obstacle courses and play activities!


Our therapists use a hands-on approach to familiarize children with new and different foods, as well as improve self-feeding skills.

Emotional Regulation

Our therapists coach kids on self-calming techniques during emotional and stressful situations. We create tailored scenarios for kids to practice these techniques.

Attention / Focus

We improve focus by teaching self-soothing strategies and reinforcing visual focus through fun repetition and hands-on therapy techniques!


We work with kids on a variety of self-care skills such as putting on clothes, brushing teeth, shoe-tying, and more!

Fine Motor Delay

We improve on various fine motor skills such as grasping pencils, dexterity in tying shoelaces, bilateral coordination in complex activities, and overall hand strength.

Sensory Processing

We create amazing obstacle courses to fulfill your child's sensory needs! We use trapezes, swings, balance beams, and more to ensure your child always has a memorable experience here at CPT!


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