Centra Pediatric Therapy (CPT) is a pediatric therapy clinic run by various licensed pediatric therapists who focus on helping you manage your child's feeding and developmental needs in a natural setting. CPT uses advanced treatment techniques to address limitations and deficits that prevent your child from reaching their developmental milestones. We are highly trained in evaluating and treating children from birth to adulthood with special needs to address all of your concerns with your child's development. We understand that each child is different and are highly skilled in tailoring specific treatments for each child. Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy uses purposeful goal directed activities to enhance a child's occupational performance to master their environments.

Central to our pediatric therapy is the whole-person approach to ensure your child grows at multiple levels. More than just helping your child to grow on track, we also focus on many critical areas of development including: fine motor skills, coordination, sensory integration, oral motor functioning, many types of social interaction, and much more.

If you are concerned about your child and believe that he or she may require some type of therapy, then please don't hesitate to contact us. We offer a free phone consultation to discuss your child's concerns and how Centra Pediatric Therapy can benefit your child.

An evaluation will/can be scheduled with formal and informal assessments to observe any limitations that may affect your child's development. We are very flexible and will accommodate to your busy schedules!

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