About Us


Centra Pediatric Therapy focuses on helping you manage your child's feeding and developmental needs in a natural setting. CPT uses advanced treatment techniques to address limitations and deficits that prevent your child from reaching their developmental milestones. We are highly trained in evaluating and treating children from birth to adulthood with special needs to address all of your concerns with your child's development. Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech therapy uses purposeful goal directed activities to enhance a child's occupational performance to master their environments.


Our facility

Besides the number of licensed pediatric occupational therapists that run our organization, this facility is well-equipped to maximize your child's development and experience. Shown below are just a handful of pictures from certain parts of our facility.




Social interaction, fine motor/writing skills, sensory integration, oral motor functioning, and more is critical to a child's development. Above are just a few of the things that we use to help your child achieve these goals. Other important areas of development include hand-eye coordination and balance which are maximized from interaction with therapy balls, bean bags, and other devices.